Her name was August and I had loved her since we were kids.
She had loved me too, I think, for a while. Until she found the sky and the stars and the infinity that lived inside of her. Then, she only loved her galaxies, nebulae, flights of wonder and fire, comets that burned your skin, and moons like silver dust on your tongue. Locked constellations.
And me, well, I could only live like a gnome stuck between the roots of a tree.

p.s. Thank you for all of your nice words, as always. the mean a lot to me xxx

(pictured: all of the books that I own but haven't read yet. worlds to be discovered.)


  1. Oh, this piece is gorgeous, love. Your words are addicting. You yourself create such beautiful worlds.

    (I, too, have piles and piles of worlds to uncover hidden away in pages. It's irritatingly wonderful.)


  2. What a perfect beginning the the month. I have recently begun to tackle my piles of unread books, and they are already proving to be enchanting. There's such promise in an unread book.

    Grace and peace,
    Kinnery x

  3. your blog is too pretty for my eyes.
    i want my life to be in all those pictures. i know it could be better that way.

  4. It's beautiful. I wish I could be part of your world.

    Sends you a million fairy kisses,
    Lili xxx

  5. You are truly lovely dearest swan <3

    xx and hugs


  6. you create such beautiful artwork! I truly believe magic runs through your veins

    xx Carina

  7. Amazing! I love the little story; the contrast between space and nature is a wonderful aspect to end on :)