(the first line to a story that I will never write. A ghost-line, for a ghost story)

I’m afraid that if I wrote a ghost story, you would bleed into it. And from the rafters over my bed, the ghoulish mist of the river would creep and crawl.
There would be no boat to cross over the great divide of the night, and I would die a bit between the letters, to see you haunt another one but me.


  1. The most perfect first line for a ghost story. x

  2. Ghosts - they are such delicate things.

  3. Oh, MJ. Your words are like snowflakes landing on my window in a winter morning. It's such a beautiful post, even more when talking about ghosts. They have the most strongest heart, just like you do.
    I'm very glad that I found your blog and you're back now.
    Please stay well, darling.

    Sends a million fairy kisses,
    Lili xxx

  4. It IS a great opening line. But I understand the hesitation. You put it so beautifully.

  5. even by itself, this ghost-line is enough to make a story come to life in my mind. you always choose the perfect words. besides, some stories aren't meant for telling. x

  6. I think that this is a story in itself, it's a question mark and an answer. Ghosts are such difficult things to recount in tales, are they not?

  7. What a beautiful story that will never be. That line, and its explanation, is somehow a story in itself.
    Grace and peace,