polaroid 600
view from my window. Yangsan, South Korea.
I actually do live in one of those big apartment buildings. They are everywhere.
the whole thing has a sort of beauty to it, especially when the sun beams on all those windows.
And it's amazing how everything looks better when photographed in polaroid :)


  1. Oh gosh, I miss taking polaroids! And everything definitely looks better on it, and on film in general.

    It's a lovely picture, especially the light and the golden glow. The building and those windows are fascinating!

    P.S. Not sure if I've made it to commenting on your blog before, but just wanted to say I really enjoy reading it! And really love the seahorse on the side bar! xx

  2. Oh I quite agree, everything does look rather fabulous is polaroid :)
    I was wondering, where do you get your film from? as I have just bought a polaroid camera, but i am finding it terribly tricky to locate any film that hasn't expired or isn't horribly expensive


  3. Yes, Everything looks better in polaroid. The colours of this picture are so dreamy, really.
    And I've got the same question that minna has. I purchased a polaroid camera in christmas and since then I've been looking for the film.

  4. that does look like a dream! you must wake up every morning feeling very enchanted.

  5. i miss taking polaroid pictures, it's too expensive for me right now. lovely photo, i imagine living in a building like that is never dull! x

  6. Lovely picture! And you are so lucky to be in Korea. :D My mother was born in Daegu and I want to go back there to see the rest of her family soon. My last visit was while I was a baby so I want to go now that I can actually appreciate it.

  7. I didn't know you lived in Korea!
    that's a lovely view.

  8. Gorgeous! I love the tinting. That's my favourite thing about Polaroid - how you're never exactly sure how it's going to look. Well I don't!

  9. I agree things do look better in Polaroid. Your photograph reminds me of traditional East Asian watercolour... it's beautiful ;->...

  10. Oh, isn´t it strange how surprised I was to find out we weren´t of same nationality - because you write to my heart... I thought we spoke the same language?