You tasted like the sun, piercing the clouds after a Summer rain. Sparkling and fiery. I wanted you to stay beside me forever.
That's when you walked away.
There is only one sun in the sky, although there are thousands of rays. Diamonds might fall from my mouth, and tiny flickering lights, soft like candles in the dark, tumbling tumbling out, might light the path from here to there. Where light doesn't hurt your eyes, and the air tastes like wet grass and dirt.
We played games we don't know how to play, and tricks we should have known better about. We painted the sky the color of longing and the clouds the color of wishes.
But you always outshone everything.
And so, I'll stay here with the Erl King and wait for the dawn.

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  1. Absolutely love the picture and the poem too. :)

  2. your words are made of magic, of glitter and fairy dust. the sky in the picture is very beautiful. the spring skies are ever so lovely, at night time i always peek out my window to see them. lots of pinks and oranges and swirls of purple. lots of bear hugs, samantha ♥

  3. beautiful beautiful

    i just received your photo and it is as pretty in life as i thought it would be

    thank you so, so much