Last weekend, SleepyBear and I went for a walk on the other side of the river on the edge of town (only 15 minutes or so from our apartment) to see the yellow flower fields bordering the water and also the new park the finished building and opened a few weeks ago.
The sun was shining bright and even though there was a slight tinge of cold in the wind, the weather was soft and comfortable.

View of the park from the bridge crossing the river. The mountains are beautiful these days. there a re so many shades of green.
I find it very comforting.

the main fountain.

this was a great feature. Music started playing from loud speakers and the jets of water started sprouting in tune with the melody. Sometimes high, sometimes low, alternating to the rhythms. And the children and their parents were having so much fun. It was great to watch. It was full of happiness and laughter and screams of joy. it was also very beautiful, the sun making the water sparkle as it moved.

the fields of yellow flowers bordering the river. Gosh, I love this color, an I feel happy every time I see it.

There are a lot a flowers along the walking paths and around the apartment buildings. All those bushes of white flowers reminded me of snow and seemed so pure and almost out of place. I love them instantly.

I'm really trying to take more pictures and see the beauty in the city. It's hard for me as I am not very at ease in big cities and have a really hard time seeing the beauty around me if I am stuck in one.
But I found that focusing on details and not wholes help. that you can find places that remind you of what you love. And that everything looks better bathe in sunlight.


  1. oh, the photos are so beautiful dear, the sunshine yellow flowers look so pretty <3

  2. These are such beautiful photos!
    I love the idea of looking at the details. I'm living in a big city that I am not in love with and I think I'll try this. Thank you ♥

  3. Yellow is my very favourite colour! The photographs are lovely, I love the flowers contrasting with the buildings.

    Everything definitely looks better in sunlight! :) x

  4. wow, what a beautiful place to live by! Those mountains look like magic, they remind me of the stories I used to read when I was younger.


  5. those flower pictures are beautiful, the yellow ones are so striking x

  6. I forot you were in South Korea for a moment there... and was wondering what part of America might boast such amazing country scenery with steel-&-glass towers in the background...

    Your photographs are always lovely ;->...

  7. Beautiful. It stirs something nice in the heart.

  8. So bright and beautiful! (:

  9. hello, hello! i just wrote about the beautiful print you sent me (thank you, again, and again).

    i hope you are well!

  10. It looks so clean and fresh! I love fields of flowers - they just look like you can run through them with abandon!!

  11. Thank you!
    You have no idea how much all of your words mean to me, especially now where I struggle with mine and with my ideas and my own creativity.
    Seriously. thank you.

  12. Oh! I gasped at the first picture! So pretty.