I tried to take pictured of my daily life and environment. I quickly realized that I sucked at taking indoor pictures. not only that, but on the way to Korea, the little light in my camera that used to tell me if something was overexposed or underexposed broke, and I am left guessing most of the time. When taking pictures outside, I am not so bad, but I definitely need to practice indoor photography.
some of these pictures have light leaks, because my camera fell on the floor. Luckily it didn't break, but the back of the camera opened and some light got inside...I guess it's not too bad though. I like light leaks.

This is Russell. He is our flying baby blue whale. He likes to give you kisses by smashing his face against yours. It's SleepyBear who convinced me to buy him at the store. We tend to give whole personalities to our toys. Such children we are :)

This is Gladys (yes, I give names to pretty much everything). SleepyBear gave it to me, but I'm afraid I'm slowly killing it. Although it has lasted far longer than I thought. I really want to become better with plants. One day I want to be able to tend to a garden without killing it.

A collection. some stationary given to me by some of my students for my birthday (Koreans have the best stationary), my new wallet and a pink plastic yoshi. Just because :)

Yup. Indoor shots...also I have difficulties taking pictures with my glasses on, but sometimes without my glasses I think things are in focus when they really aren't...oh well.

Birthday breakfast. Scrambled eggs, tea, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, yellow melon and grapes. Yum.
Also the Winnie-the-Pooh cup was a Christmas gift from SleepyBear. Piglet is on the other side.

crossing a bridge leading out of the city. I will go back there later when more plants have grown.

One of my favorite thing to eat: Traditional Korean porridge. I always take mine with crab meant in it and SleepyBear takes hi with shrimps. It's tasty and healthy and we love the side dishes (except SleepyBear doesn't like kimchi, but I do).

SO this is it. I'm really trying to take more pictures, but I feel really uninspired by our environment. I look at the city and the buildings, and I don't feel like taking pictures. But maybe I should anyway, just to document my stay.

I hope everybody is well.
Love you all


  1. i like all of your photographs.

    a personal question?
    are you korean? (i'm half, but never been.)


  2. Russell is so very cute :)
    lovely pictures.

    alice daisy xx

  3. Gorgeous photos, light leaks or no.

  4. i think your little world is fantastic and you take lovely photos. i love your little russell poor little gladys. (i do so hope you get your garden one day.) we have quite an ugly plant called henri that my mum detests, but it has been in our family for generations.
    i really hope you find inspiration to take more photos because these are lovely and you will always want photographs of your adventures!

  5. these photos are amazing! that first one makes me smile =]

  6. i think the pictures came out FANTASTIC!! and the light leaks just give them more personality...love...

  7. Oh I think your indoor photography is very lovely! I like your whale I have a Panda friend, Mr Big Panda (he is bigger than all my other Pandas and I have little imagination!) but I think he might be in the wardrobe I'm a bad person!

  8. russell is so adorable :D
    lovely photos <3