Fairytale: A True Story

Ah, the Cottingley fairies photographs! They did make a stir when they came out, didn't they? Only years and years later did Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright confess to faking them.

When I was young I watched this movie and thought that, since the two little girls were seeing the fairies, the photographs were real. I realize now that it is clearly shown, in two scenes, that the girls faked the pictures. When we see them outside on their way to taking the first photographs, Elsie has her brother's fairy drawings with her, and in the scene where the journalist finds the drawings and arrange them exactly like in one of the picture.
I was disappointed.
But then I realized that the movie made an even more wonderful statement.
It seemed to say that the fact that the photographs were fake does not mean that fairies don't exist or that Elsie and Frances couldn't see them.
It seems to say that it is possible, that fairies can be real.

Of course, now, my vision of fairies, tinted by hours of reading myths and folktales, does not corresponds to the Victorian idea of them, wearing flowers and drinking morning dew.
It is still a wonderful movie to watch. And oh, how I want that house and room and garden! How I want the beck to explore and daydream in!

So tell me: Do you believe in fairies?

More stills HERE

The Cottingley Photographs:


  1. OH my! This was my favorite movie when I was younger! I must see it again!

    Might I say that your blog is oh so very lovely. I look forward to reading more!


  2. Fairy tale was always my favorite movie when I was little! I watched it over and over and even tried to make my own fairy house like them! I really should watch it again!

  3. I love that movie!!!!

    I have awarded you on my blog my love. Go see:)

  4. i do believe in fairies! i do believe in fairies!

    i have seen fairies.
    oh my goodness, how very much ok it is for you to add me and comment. you are wonderful.
    do the very same sweetheart.

    you cheered me up.

  5. oh my goodness.
    i remember being obsessed about these fairy photos when i was younger.
    and i would always find things to read about them.
    i guess it was like a mystery research for me =)

    i have never seen the movie before.
    but looking at the stills,
    i seriously have been missing out!

    note to self: must watch this movie.


  6. To be honest, I don't. But I've added this movie to the top of my list! =)

  7. Oh ! I always wanted to see this one ...
    One of my favourite films, that came out a tad before this one, is "Photographing fairies" (it is more or less the story of the Cottingley girls, but with a different angle. It's for "grown ups" tho ... Because there is a "dark" angle in it)
    Have you seen it ?

    x x x

  8. I don't suppose you happen to have a better picture of the key crown?