Ships: Part 1

I love ships. I am fascinated by them. They make me dream of trips and discoveries, of adventures and exploration. To me they also represent courage and fearlessness. Always going towards the unknown. Never afraid, always daring. They are they ocean's eyes.
I want to sail one through the waves, to the edge of the world where the waterfalls roar and into the stars.

(From my Flickr favorites. Click on the picture for the original source)

These were made by me. Little collages and paintings trying to explore the shapes and imagery of ships sailing through my mind and imagination. The last two you can buy as prints in my Etsy Shop.

What do ships represent for you?


  1. ahh this post is so amazing!
    i love ships also- when i think of ships i always think of the book The Dawn Treader by CS Lewis (part of the narnia series.) or Pirates of the Carribean...or lonely sailor's wives staring off into the horizon. haha!
    these are all so beautiful & your collages are beautiful as well!

  2. oh i LOOOOOVE all this pictures !!!!
    Ships are just so great, for me it's a floating world <3

  3. i too love ships- and what amazing ones you have found!! beautiful!!! ships to me remind me of my grandad, as he has one in a bottle and i have always been fascinated by it, and how they got it in there!!! I have always wanted a ship in a bottle, as a result!!

    Thank you for you lovely comment, and you are very very welcome!!! :) you absolutely deserved it :)

    Thank you ever so much for your email adress- i will email you very soon, dearset!! but for now, i am off to bed.

    sweetest dreams to you

  4. Beautiful pictures! The ones you made are gorgeous. I've been admiring your Etsy shop, and you're very talented.

    I made a ship stencil a while ago, to put as a T-shirt design. I never actually finished it, unfortunately.

  5. i love ships too. when i think of ships, i always think of the most generic answer ever: exploring uncharted territories, going into the unknown and escaping reality. oh well...

  6. Oh I love ships too, I love being on the water in general, boating, jet-skiing, kayaking, if it's in or on the water, I probably love it! This post is so beautiful, the pictures and your writing! <3


  7. those pictures are great ! You should check out william turner if you like ships .. let me know if you like his paintings

  8. Wow, what an absolutely amazing post, love!
    You made me look at ships in a whole different way. They truly ARE beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing dear!


  9. Ships are beautiful. And for me, they are also a bit scary and mysterious and magical. I'm thinking of the long amounts of time that sailors would spend out in the ocean with nothing but miles of water surrounding them. Oooh, makes me a bit chilly.