Things to remember when I feel gloomy

The wonderful glass_orthodoxy at livejournal made a small list of things she likes to remember when she feels the autumn sickness creeping upon her. I decided to do the same thing.
Just a few of them, because once I had started, I realized I could have gone a long time with things that make me happy and/or feel better.

° Dance alone in my living room/bedroom to music that makes my toes curl.
° Warm bread with butter and cheese.
° Books about words and stories and adventures on high seas and underground caves. Or colleges.
° Drawing and painting and finding that it doesn't matter if it's not pretty.
° Late night talks with a SleepyBear
° Playing video games with said Bear and finding delight in the utter patience he shows me.
° Feeling loved
° Having my breath taken away by simple things, like the way stars seem to sparkle.
° Movies that remind me how to be a kid
° Tucking my feet in my pajama pants to keep them warm.

What about you? What are your favorite things when you feel morose?

° And sheep! (and deer, rabbits and polar bear....oh my!)

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