Shop update & Special Holiday offer!

I've update my etsy shop with new prints and also a new holiday offer.

I’m offering 10$ prints of my literary character portraits in my shop. You can customize your own prints by choosing your three favorite characters. this offer will last until November 25th.

You can also purchase new prints of come of my drawings, individually or in sets. I really like the smooth slightly shiny and heavyweight paper on which they are printed, and I think they would be a wonderful present for Christmas.

Also, do not forget the postcard giveaway! It end tomorrow (the 28th)

Hope everybody is having a wonderful end of October and looking forward to Halloween! xxx

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  1. Oh, I feel terribly dull and repetitive when I say that you are such a talent you bright-eyed thing! I always find endless supplies of inspiration here, and I'm so very glad that your shop is up and running once more! Have a magical Halloween sweetling.