Merry Christmas!

snowflakes, fairy lights, candy canes, sparkling eyes, winter carols, silver bells, reindeer, red wrapping paper, candies, hot chocolate and tea, soft pajamas, woolly socks, bunny kisses, licking fingers, dancing toes, secrets whispered in the night.

p.s. I have a necklace with polar bears. It feels light and cold and if I close my eyes I can hear the sound of the wind and taste the cold of the air. I can see their prints in the snow.
I will follow you I will follow you. To the land of the Trolls and back. On the North wind. And the ice, oh the ice, will be blinding.
What does it feel like to carry the North around your neck? It feels like I am a Reindeer Girl and I am home.

p.p.s Do you hear the bells? Must not forget the cookies and the milk. xxx


  1. Oh this is lovely, lovely, lovely. Snowy Canada and beautiful words, just perfect. Have the merriest Christmas with your loved ones, dear MJ.
    Vera xxx
    P.S.: Shall write soon.

  2. What beautiful words, dear. "Dancing toes" so poetic. Merry Christmas! xxx

  3. 'What does it feel like to carry the North around your neck?'

    this is so lovely. merry xmas to you.

  4. A happy Christmas to you, and a season filled with grace and peace. <3