(taken summer 2009)

(good) Memories of fall.
When I was young we lived in a big house with a fireplace (I miss you, I miss you).
Every fall, wood would be delivered in our driveway, to be stacked for the winter. We would put logs after logs after logs in the wheelbarrow and bring them around the side of the house and neatly stack them along the wall (I was always a bit scared to find a spider in the cracks). We would also throw some through the basement window, to be stacked inside. I liked the wood in my hands, but I was very careful not to get any splinters.
I would always get excited at the thought of the smell of wood burning, filling the air, wrapping the world in its aroma, telling you that even though it was cold, you were safe and warm and alive. I would get exited about curling up in front of it just after a shower, in my towel, my hair slowly drying while I watched a cartoon.
Dad would also rack up the leaves all over our big yard and, of course, I would jump into the piles and have a grand time. (I am a bird, I am a tresure digger, I am a wild girl and this is my bed)
We would empty the pool. It was always a little sad, to say goodbye. Goodbye to the water games and the mermaid-pretending, and the diving contests. Goodbye to summer days.
But it was okay, because school would start and winter was on its way.
Halloween was fun and always very lucrative. The best part was always dropping all the candies on the living room floor and sorting out my favorites.
There would be trips to the mountain (all in colors, all in slendor). And sparkle-watching on the lake. And apple-picking with mom. Warm food and the first hot chocolate of the season. Deer eating the apples in the yard, me, my nose stuck to the glass of the patio door reveling in their beauty.
The neighbor would bring vegetables from her garden, too.
And of course, as always, there would be stories and tree-climbing and adventures.

p.s. I've made some blog changes. At the top, under the header, I've added some new pages.

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Treasures - Links to some of the blogs I love

Melodies - Some musical tracks to listen to, and a favorite video. These will change from time to time so feel free to check once in a while.

Words - My writing/poetry finally in one place. Please, do take a look if you have the time. I haven't been very productive in 2010. I dislike most of what I've written, but there are some things in 2009 and 2008 that I like. Pick a favorite if you want :) I do not think you can comment on the page directly, but if you find a piece of wrting that you really like, I would love to hear about it.

Thank you dears, for your words and support and infinite kindness. It warms my heart, especially during these days where I am not at my best. I love you all xxx


  1. Fall is such a magical time of year, full of new things and change. It can be a bit off-putting though, at least to me, who does not deal well with change. Your Falls sound splendid, though. :)

    PS: I really like the new pages.

  2. Oh, dearest. How I miss Fall, with such a beautiful post. It is Spring here. What darling memories; magic.
    p.s. I am adding you to my list of Hearts, because you are that dear.

  3. @not wendy I sometimes feel like that about Fall too. It's all overwhelming as I feel my heart get excited and there is an awakening inside of me, a restlessness insode of me. That's why I cling to simple and calm memories :)

    p.s. thank you xxx

  4. @Athena. Thank you, dear. It means a lot. Really.
    p.s. oh my. thank you thank you. I love your blog, you know. I know I do not comment often (or ever), but I'm trying to change that.
    I just checked my list of treasures and realized I had forgotten to put you in there. Silly me! I will rectify that right away xxx

  5. those memories, they will be in your heart forever. x

  6. oh wow you make me wish i were 10 years old again. your header reminds me so much of fall and little hibernating animals ♥

  7. @Katherineoh dear, thank you so much! I have been reading your blog as well, but I must say I am sorry for my lack of comment. I am trying to catch up on that, but it's taking me a while.
    But I love everything you post and think YOU are wonderful wonderful xxx

  8. @sara Thank you! I try to remember only the good things. why cling to the bad?
    It's a little series called 'Sleeping Forest' I am very happy with it, even if it's simple, and I think it fits a Fall/Winter feeling.
    Have a great day, dear. xx

  9. Fall is my favorite time of the year. :) love you post and your blog.

  10. as always, everything is beautiful here...

  11. this is beautiful, you have a lovely blog

  12. What a gorgeous photograph! I love fall too. I love long walks in the woods and different color leaves and staying in with a nice cup of tea :)