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Plus, don't you love The Secret Garden? I love it so. It fills my heart with joy and appease my mind when it goes a 1000 miles per hour and doesn't seem to want to stop.

I'm slowly gettting excited for Chritmas. I can't help it. I love love love the Holiday Season. I just transfered some Chritmas music on my ipod so as to be ready when the mood strikes.
I'm also slowly getting ready to go back home (25 days!). We (SleepyBear and I) will leave Korea on the 30th, just in time for Halloween!
I can't tell you how impatient I have become. I long for my friends and family, but also for the countryside. We'll be at SleepyBear's house in the middle of the country. I'll see trees again, and stars and hear the wind in the leaves. Deer and porcupines. Wild geese. Peace and quiet.
Oh, how I long for all this and more. The slower life of small cities. For breakfast with family, drinks with friends. Walks in villages. Bookstores (I haven't been in a bookstore for about a year, can you imagine?). Soon, oh so soon!

I wrote this list in August and it is all still true. Except the longing is stronger and now mixed with excitment and impatience.

New 8tracks mix: Softly Quiet

10 tracks by:
Vashti Bunyan, Rosie Thomas, Rose Melberg, Lavender Diamond, The Woodlands, Cara Dillon, Laura Gibson, The Postmarks, Haroula Rose and Gregory & The Hawk

Sorry, if this post seems scattered, there's just so many things going through my head right now. Change is in the air. I can feel it my bones.
Isn't it beautiful?


  1. oh i lovvve the secret garden! yippee! i've been listening to your mixtapes and i'm in love :)

  2. @not wendy
    Hi, dear, my email is Djo_13@hotmail.com xx

  3. you're from canada as well dear? i live in manitoba :)

  4. @sara
    Oh, I've never been to Manitoba! do you like it there? I'm from Québec, but I'm actually going back to Ontario where my boyfriend lives. Of course 'll be spending a lot of time in Québec as well, with friends and family.
    I must say I've missed Canada a lot :)

  5. Oh i like it most of the time. When i don't i just try to remember that i'm lucky to come from the land of polar bears and northern lights...he he! It does get very cold here though :( I've always wanted to go to Quebec, it seems very European-and the shopping would be nice! i have been to Ontario though, and it was beautiful :) Are you moving back soon?
    ha ha sorry for all these comments!

  6. @sara
    Oh, it gets very cold in Quebec too! I love winter though (even though it is a bit too long...)
    There is great shopping in Montreal and Quebec City is so beautiful to visit, so historical.
    I also come from the Eastern Townships in the southern part of the province and it's beautiful there. Lots of small villages and nice little cities, mountains and lakes. We do live in a beautiful place :)
    I'm coming back on the 30th of this month! So excited!

    Don't be sorry, I love it.

  7. Oh yes, a school friend went to Montreal during the summer,and she says she's now in debt :D It must be nice to come back home for christmas. make sure to kick up your heels a bit before you head home! ;) have a lovely week dear!


  8. Everything in this post is so beautiful. The Secret Garden, your heart's longings, the Softly Quiet music; so lovely. I am quite curious to know, if you don't mind me asking, are you teaching abroad?

  9. @Thea
    Thank you thank you. It means so much really.
    I am teaching abroad, yes. I've been teaching in South Korea for almost a year now (it's the second time I do it), and while it's a great experience and all, right now, I'm just ready to go home.
    I am a bundle of longings and homesickness (it doesn't help that I don't like teaching children).
    thanks again dear xxx

  10. You poor thing. What a good thing that you will be going home soon. From South Korea to Canada! Such a giant contrast. I would love to visit Canada, it has always been high on my list of beautiful places. x

  11. I found your magical place after visiting Sara.
    I also love Florence and Lavender Diamond.
    I like The Honey trees too, do you know their music?
    And Secret Garden is close to my heart.
    I must explore your mix tapes tomorrow sweetie.
    Good night from my little home in England
    Kat xx

  12. I've always wanted to go to Korea, and Canada too! You're lucky you get to travel, my parents are over-protective. :P

  13. i love how you think and what you put up.

    the secret garden is my absolute favourite. it is pure magic.

  14. Thank you for your comment and for following me dear MJ, it does mean a lot to me.
    Your blog is beautiful, I really do adore it. It's so beautiful.
    Oh gosh, the Secret Garden reminds me of childhood winters when I would watch it at my Grandmothers house. Comforting memories.
    Your list is so beautiful, your listography is so magical.
    I hope you have a lovely time back home, I'm sure you will, it sounds so perfect.
    lots of love xx