Penelope. Bouncy bouncy Penelope.
tea with too much sugar. I like to hold my books open with my toes while I eat rice crackers and peanut butter.
There are words floating in the air.
the sun comes in the window and I think I've killed one of my plants. I didn't mean to, really. I wish I was as good with them as I am with daydreaming.
There is a bunny in our bathroom, I saw her in the sink earlier.
Last night I woke up sweating and feeling like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't breathe. It felt like all the heat of my body wanted to get out and all the heat in the room wanted to get it and they both collided against my skin, who was just trying to keep one in and the other out. It was too much, too much. I stumbled around the room, half asleep, trying to find the remote for the AC. I couldn't find it. I was panicking. You woke up, grumbling and slightly annoyed, but you found it right away and we went back to bed. As I slowly cooled down, I put my forehead against your shoulder and fell back to sleep. I could breathe again.
I have notebooks with tons of empty lines in them. I wonder what I should write in them, I wonder what words would be adequate. Maybe these ones would be. Maybe it's that simple.
I think I have to go now, there is a story waiting for me.


  1. That is the most adorable bunny! I just want to cuddle her. Absolutely darling.

    And Iove your writing. I'm feeling the same kinds of feelings these days. xx

  2. You are so poetic. I wish I could have my way with words such as you do. Lovely little bunny.


  3. that bunny is so cute. beautiful words.
    don't know if you saw my last post, i left you an award on my blog ♥

  4. You write so beautifully. I too have empty notebooks. ;)

  5. hello marie-josée, don't worry, the print turned out perfectly - it's only in my photo of it that the colours appear a bit warped.

    i hope you are well!

  6. Your rabbit is so cute! I understand about the empty lines. I have so many notebooks waiting to be written in, but when it comes time to open a new one, I become weary that my words will not be adequate. That someone will stumble upon them some day and throw them away instantly. I hope that doesn't happen. I hope someone will find them, and think they are beautiful enough to live by.


  7. Your writing is so beautiful. :)

  8. how i love penelope so!!
    ma'ma has a valentines bunny-called boris! he is amazingly cute and his ears are so warm and floppy.
    tilly~rose has taken to him very well!! and little kitty trixie-lu. infact i thing she's scared of him!!

    i think boris and penelope should be boyfriend and girlfriend.

  9. Oh poor plants, but look this Penelope is so cute!

  10. love ur blog
    great post



  11. i had a penelope too, only she was called maja and was cinnamon-coloured with a white belly.
    i love your blog, which i only discovered yesterday. your illustrations are gorgeous and you write wonderfully. i will read the whole blog one day when it rains and i've got great tea.

  12. hello lovely mj!!

    penelope is adorable, and these words are beautiful. love love love!
    i am wanting a little bunny friend to join David, Poppy and I, but in our house we are not allowed pets :( technicallly, we are not allowed poppy, but i decided she was small and snuck her in anyway!!
    you are so inspiring mj dearest, i do love visiting you!
    i hope you are well and happy
    Rosie &hearts x