I few weeks ago I bought a lomography action sampler camera. Since then I've been having fun testing it out. The following pictures are some of the results. I'm not sure if I'm quite happy with them, but it was a good first experiment. I mostly just took random shots (without using the viewfinder) on my way to work. I think I mostly dislike the film I used. Unfortunately it's the only film they sell at my local store. I also think that the people who develop my pictures at the lab (in my local grocery store) automatically adjust the contrast and all. I can't really ask them questions since I do not speak Korean. But I'll keep the negatives and see if I can have them developed again once I get back to Canada.
SleepyBear also bought me a Holga, but I've been unable to find 120 films, so I think I'll just have to convert it to 35mm while, once again, I wait to come back.
The store where we bought them had a lot of lomography cameras. Next time I go I might buy a fisheye camera just for fun.
I like film. I like the random results coming from these cameras as well.

I am really excited to take more pictures this summer.

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments. They are precious and nice and they make me so so happy. I am really grateful for them, so thank you :)

Note: If you ask me questions in the comments, I will answer in the comments as well. I'm sorry if I didn't get to it sooner, but I'll make sure to answer your questions in the next few days, so make sure to check the comments if you want. Also you can always send me a questions through my formspring in the sidebar.


  1. I guess all we who make nice comments have to thank you for your lovely blog.

  2. oh, the photos are so, so, so beautiful dear, the movement ones especially look amazing. <3

    p.s. i love your new layout <3 xxx

  3. I think these photos are so lovely. I love the umbrella ones!

  4. What fun photos! I love the last one!

  5. these are so wonderful, though! I think that the film quality just adds to their beauty.


  6. Love your photos and the way you present them together.

  7. Your photographs are lovely.

    Btw, I'm not sure how I first came across you, if it was Tumblr or LiveJournal or something, but your blog is great!