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I just finished my website. Okay, there are a few things here and there that are not perfect and I still need to decide if I want to include my poetry or not on it, but otherwise I am quite happy with it.
I'm really really nervous about putting my writing on it. I don't really take it too seriously, so I don't want it to look pretentious or something. I don't know.

Anyway, I was aiming for something simple and clean.
Please, please, tell me what you think?
Oh, and should I put my poetry on it?
Is there anything more you would like to see?
Do you have problems seeing certain things on it? Is there anything missing?

I'm happy and incredibly nervous, I don't know why. I feel very self-conscious.


  1. I checked out your website and everything looks fantastic! You achieved the simple and clean aspect and everything is working perfectly. I would suggest including your poetry, the world needs more beautiful things - sharing the beauty you create benefits everyone. Goodluck with your website!

  2. goodness, i didn't know you were making a website! it looks absolutely lovely.

    and i know you don't live in montreal at the moment, but i'm from here too! i've been dying to release the secret of my location for ages but i was too nervous... here i am, though! hurrah!

  3. Oh wow, your website is beautiful, perfect. You are the most amazing artist. ♥ I think you should definitely include your poetry.

  4. have always adored your use of simple colors to bring out a sense of rustic about your paintings. didnt especially like the web interface abit messy to me, but your artworks are all incredibly gorgeous!

  5. I like your homepage! I nominated you for the sunshine award, have a look over at my blog

  6. hello there. I think you should put your poetry. It'll be beautiful :)

  7. I love your website! It is absolutely lovely in form and content and the whale/boat collages are just superb. C'est vraiment beau MJ!

  8. Your website looks great! Put your poetry up and don't be nervous all your artwork and images are beautiful and you write with such stunning clarity and rhythm!