There is a little galaxy over my head, in a little corner of the bed. It feels nice here. I can curl up with books on my knees and words in my heart and it feels comfortable and quiet. It feels a little like Christmas too.
I miss winter. I can feel it stirring at my heart, calling me over an ocean and continent. my canadian winter filled with snow.
I try to close my eyes and imagine there is a storm raging outside, and when I'll wake up tomorrow morning everything will be white. It's the best thing, you know? I remember when I was young, a morning mommy would call me and wake me up from my delicate slumber, I would stumble through the kitchen, half asleep, half awake, and I would smell it, before even seeing it. The snow. I would run to the patio doors, stick my nose to the cold glass ans smile and smile and smile. Take a deep breath. Snow. Snow! Covering everything, the pool, the trees, the yard, the forgotten toys. It is the best kind of magic.
But instead I cuddle with SleepyBear, and he reads me Pooh stories. I like the ones with piglet best. and I always cry at the end.
I want to write poems to.
I was just thinking earlier, all warm and cozy, and the most beautiful little poem popped in my head. It filled my heart with joy and wonder. But by the time I got a pen and a paper, I had forgotten half the lines, and then it just wasn't the same.
So I took some pictures instead.

I feel very self-conscious about self-portraits. It's very hard for me not to delete them. I feel silly and ridiculous. My digital camera is not very good either for that sort of thing.
I will go to bed now. The stars are calling.

A crown of stars to light up the way

When I am scared and insecure and feel all fragile and small and breakable, he always tells me: "Be brave, little Piglet"
And I am. And I am.

I like to lie down in milky ways.

I hope you all have a wonderful night

(p.s. some people asked me about why i didn't like 500 days of summer, you can read my answer...okay little rant, HERE. Just scroll daown a little. also, if you feel like leaving a secret, or story or asking me a question, don't hesitate. It makes me ahppy and keeps me company. I promise to answer. I do. I do. )


  1. oh, what a beautiful post dear as alway, you are so inspirational. oh, i used to do the exact same thing when i was little, run downstairs and outside into the new white world, i loved it when no one had stepped on the snow in my garden so i could be the first to add my footprints. oh, how i long for those days so much ♥ anyway, don't feel self-consious about your pictures, you look so pretty, like a milky way princess, i do adore your star lights ever so ♥ much love, from suzannah ♥

  2. I like what you did with these little starlights. And I need to be brave too. And though I haven't seen 500 Days of Summer, I read enough about it to dislike it even so, and found your opinion very interesting :)


  3. this was so lovely and magical,

  4. These photos are incredibly gorgeous. I'm so glad you didn't delete them. I'm really self-conscious about having my picture taken too, but if we keep saying no, we'd miss some of the best moments. Like these.

  5. i remember that too. i live in california, so im not used to seeing the snow every winter. but once we went up into the beautiful mountains. i remember my sister and i being so very disappointed because the weather forecast said it wouldn't snow the whole time we were over there. but one morning my sister and i woke up and i looked outside our bedroom window, and all i could see was a white blanket, a thick white blanket, covering absolutely everything. it was magnificent, a memory i will never forget.

    and i also love reading the winnie the pooh stories. it fills me with joy. now this makes me want to drink tea with honey!

  6. oh, you mustn't feel bad about your self-portraits, especially the second one is beautiful. ♥
    this is such a lovely post, perfect for a day like this one. thank you, my dear.
    ♥, vera

  7. oh this is darlingly lovely. your self-portrait is wonderful!i love the twinkling stars i wish my room had twinkling stars. your hair really is beautiful. OH. i squealed when i realized it was winnie the pooh. darling piglet whom i thought was a girl until pooh called piglet 'him'.

    really, it's quite confusing.

  8. hello sunshine! i am loving this pictures of yourself. Gosh you're a creative wee bunny aren't you! Your header is adorable too :)

  9. gosh, these pictures are gorgeous! i need to find myself a copy of winnie the pooh asap.

  10. dearestdearestdearest ♥
    you are stunning, love. i know this doesn't mean much from an online friend overseas, but you truly are. I know just how you feel when you don't like something, particularly with your face in it, or the angle in which you see your face. Like it's not complete; the person looking at the photograph can't see another side to you, one that perhaps is more reflective into who you truly are.
    but you, dearest, are just so very lovely and beautiful. you take the most besotting of photographs and are such an inspiration to us all.
    be brave, love ♥
    your forever and ever friend, olivia

  11. Oh you lovely thing you, your images of yourself are so lovely. I like your poem so much more in these images, the words that flow through our hearts have a way of quickly fading, like waking from a dream, but your pictures really tell it so beautifully.

    Oh gosh, I just have to say you have the sweetest Bunny! He plays in your sink?! That's so sweet, I'd love to give him a cuddle and tickle his chin so he grinds his teeth with happiness.

    Have a beautiful week ahead xoxo

  12. I really like your self portraits (I wish mine were as pretty and good!), you really shouldn't feel silly.
    A winter without snow must be pretty sad, kind of.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  13. i love the one with the feet, so many people don't like feet, not even your own feet, but i love them
    mine especially, they take me far

  14. I would ask those who leave comments to use words other than, 'lovely' and 'darling'. But to you, the writer, your words and photos give breath and life to your readers. I sincerely hope for more dazzling material from you in the future.

  15. winnie the pooh is my love.

    be brave.