i've been thinking a lot about the stars. about supernovas and galaxies. about infinity ever expending. bigger and bigger and bigger.
what does the universe swallow to grow so big?
maybe it swallows worlds and spits them back out all shiny and new while the stars watches, their dust covering planets dancing with each other.
waltzing waltzing waltzing (little planet with little planet. twist twist turn. turn jump. and bow)
and when somebody makes a wish thousands of mouths take a breath.
and when the universe blinks galaxies collide. it is so dark when the lights go out.

i feel really small when i think of it
(like the little planet hiding in the corner too scared to take part in the dance).
but i feel brave too
my feet are hurting and my knees are scraped, but i'll keep on spilling and spilling in the milky way
and if you swallow me, i'll be star dust
i'll be the glitter that shines in the dark
and who would dance with me when the music stops?


  1. I thought of stars an awful lot for the last two months. I even went to a planetarium out of passion. It was truly fantastic!

    Your words make me re-wind those memories, thank you for that. ♥

  2. have you ever seen a picture of the supermassive black hole silently sleeping at the center of our universe? in the radio wavelength, it glows like a bonfire in the sky. and you can easily image circling around it, seeing all of its victims frozen in a cosmic dance because there were no signposts with warnings. and there at the center is something too rough to imagine, too fine, too obscure. and it's strange that no matter how far out you move you find more players, pushing outwards, extending the dancefloor even farther, asking us to watch and listen. because in the end, everything that's above us was once inside us and it still stirs our souls.

  3. It is such a fascinating thing to think about, and I love how you described it. Reading your words made my head spin into galaxies of its own.

  4. That's funny, because just last week my friend & I copied a star chart onto a poster for a project on the song Yellow. I guess we've all been thinking about the stars lately in this little blog-circle of ours.

  5. But the music never stops, does it?


  6. i love orion ♥
    pretty writes darling :)