It's good to be putting my fingers to work again. I felt too anxious to do anything, convince it just wasn't worth it, that I wasn't worth it. Would never have the talent it takes to do anything. It feels good to be making something I do not instantly hate and that does not make me feel like a failure.

thank you little Plaid Girls. 

p.s. I'm curious, what do you imagination tell you when you look at them? Are they Sisters, Friends, Lovers? Anything else? Tell me a story :)


  1. This is lovely...
    when i saw the second girl wrapped in the tree, I thought the tree and her were lovers. The first one looks like something of a tree spirit, with her hair spilling into the roots...xx

  2. these are ebautiful! i don't know why you would doubt yourself soo much (as always we are our worst critic) but really, at first glance i thought this was a print you came across until i read the caption below! you are such an incredible artist and i really hope you push yourself even further to create merchandise or even cartoons with talent like this!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! You shouldn't doubt your evident ability! (But it's so hard not to judge oneself, I know.)

    I'm definitely getting a sisters-vibe from these two. Alright, here are the bones of a story: They are modern dryads, I think. They wear plaid because they like to think they have Scottish roots. The top one is the younger sister and she is more serious (her trees stand straight and tall). She is a pensive dreamer and likes to fill the midnight hours singing songs. The one on the bottom has a blithe twist to her soul and is an incorrigible romantic. She is a dancer and makes up intricate dances to her sister's midnight songs. They both have a fondness for fresh strawberries and dream of one day seeing a real, live elephant. :)

  4. They're best friends about to have a little fallout because they're both wearing the same print for a picnic hahaha

  5. @eden
    Oh I love your idea! How lovely it would be :) Thank you very much dear xx

    Thank you! Yes, I am very very hard on myself, but I can't help it sometimes. I think it's been worse because I've been considering doing this more full-time, as in trying to make some kind of living out of it. It makes me very very anxious to know if I am good enough. But thank you again, your kind words are precious to me.

    Thank you. And I am in love with your little story, thank you so so much for taking the time to write it :) xxx

    haha, but if you look closer they are not entirely identical prints!

  6. Oh how could you doubt yourself? These are just so wonderful! Although I know how you feel, I doubt my talents a lot.

    I agree with eden, its like the second girl and the tree are 'one' and therefore like lovers

    xx Carina

  7. It´s the same girl. She just changed.


  8. Totally sisters :)

    The first one doesn't think too much of trees beyond how comfortable they are when she leans against them to read a good book. But the short-haired sister knows more than she let's on: she whispers secrets to her favorite tree and it shares secrets back. Although they've always been close, this is one thing the short-haired sister can't share.

    Great illustrations. No need do doubt your ability - just keep drawing and exploring stories.

  9. @Carina
    Thank you very much! xx

    I like your story! This is a great idea :)
    And thank you xx

  10. These are wonderful creations, and i loved it.
    You are a gem. And i'd like to think of them as sisters.

  11. These are beautiful! I love how you used the tree branches to frame them. In my imaginings they are twin sisters, but the second one cut her hair shorter because she wants to be different. They run through the forest barefoot and collect wildflowers and have special names for all of the animals they see <3

  12. first, you are incredibly and beautiful talented! second, i see these girls at sisters, the older one is the last photo...i believe they are very inspiring. please tell us a story...

  13. They are Sisters that ran away to live in the forest where the dryads whisper stories of love and betrayal. The trees are their homes and playgrounds. They spend there days swing from limb to limb, trunk to trunk, giggling with delight. Sometimes the trees get over enthusiastic and swing the girls to far, but they always fly back again, draped across the back of a friendly eagle on it's way home. Which is exactly where the sisters want to get to. They just don't know it yet.

  14. I would imagine them as cousins, telling each other high hopes while wearing away the long washed-out days of summer.

    Wonderful, wonderful works of art!

  15. I see wood spirits disguised as school girls. They are curious about the other world living next to theirs.