Book Blog!

I've just made a book blog! It has been an idea of mine for a while now, and I have been working on it for the past few days (which is not easy on a dial-up connection). I am very happy with it.
It is a bit empty right now, but do not fear, I have several reviews in the work as well as plenty of ideas. It will be updated quite often in the next few days and weeks.

So if your are interested, please follow, or drop by for a visit. I hope to see you there and have plenty of bookish talk and fun! xxx


  1. Yay! I'm an avid reader, well sort of a bookworm, myself and will certainly drop by regularly to have a look at your reviews. :)

  2. oh thanks
    I'll visit now
    I can't live without books

  3. I'm so glad you've made this blog, I always found your book reviews so helpful xxx

  4. I love book blogs! :D I've been adding them to my RSS reader for weeks now like crazy. I guess I have a new one to follow.

  5. Oh dial up speed can makes things so painful!
    Will go check out the new blog now, I love reading too :) x

  6. I will check that out, definitely. :)

  7. hello lovely mj!
    this is such a lovely idea :) i have been reading through and will definately have to look for some of these books to add to my rather large collection!
    also, i do love your recent drawings such a lot. you are so talented and inspirational mj!!
    love Rosie ♥ x

  8. hi mj love! it's megan (willowings). i created a new account and wanted to let you know here because you haven't been around lj much lately. i miss you so much. <33

    p.s. i'm adding your new blog to my bookmarks so i can read it often. a book blog sounds lovely! =)

  9. I love this idea too too much. I have been looking at it and am completely convinced I can speed through a novel a day to keep up. If only! Sigh.

  10. How lovely! I adore books and am always adding to the growing tower at my bedside. I think we have similar taste, so I look forward to your reviews~

    Thank you for following me on tumblr too, you post such lovely treasures <3