From a conversation:
Him: How was it?
Me: It broke my heart in all the right places.
Him: There are right places to have your heart broken into?
Me: The ones that are meant to be mended with golden thread.
Him: Ah. Those.

p.s. If a heart can be broken and mended a thousands times, it becomes a castle of thread and crystals and glue and glitter. Sticky fingers. There are pieces made of silver and salt mines by the sea, turrets of cotton balls (for when it bleeds) and moats of crumpled letters to lost loves and enemies. I don't always know how to fix it. Keep thread in my pocket and a needle, just in case.
Maybe next time I'll use red tape, to make the seams disappear.


  1. It is nice when hearts are mended back together again. Mine never was, but this post gives me a sense of Hope, and perhaps I will try it. x

  2. I think your heart was already gold, so the seams probably aren't too obvious.

  3. I like the idea of the heart not being this one beating thing, but a collection of treasures and beauty. I think reading this makes me feel better for when my heart does get a little crumbly.

  4. Your words create raindrops in my eyes, absolutely stunning. x

  5. oh yes, sometimes heartbreak is wonderful.

  6. There is something so tragic yet glittering about a mended heart, a heart that has seen too much and is now full of secrets and dust. Absolutely stunning writing dearest, just gorgeous!

    xx and hugs


  7. That is such a beautiful picture you're creating there. And so very consoling.

  8. what a lovely post. more, please! x..x
    Casie Jean

  9. Ah! I frequently say poetic things and then get questioned by people after and think... "you didn't get it!" to myself and feel sad, then pretentious.

    I just need to have clever come backs like you!

  10. you are magic with your words, dear. xx