I have an 8tracks account.
I usually make little mixes for myself, so when I like them enough, I figure I should put them online so that other people can enjoy them. I've found some artists while listening to other people's mixes, so it's quite fun sometimes.
I'm always shy about sharing my music, though, so please be gentle :)

So far I have three mixes up:
(click on the name of the mix to listen to it.)

8 tracks by :
Alela Diane, Laura Gibson, The Weepies, Marla Hansen, Bon Iver,
Fleet Foxes, Ingid Michaelson, and Basia Bulat.

Songs for the Night:
10 tracks by:
Vienna Teng, Bat for Lashes, Natalie Merchant, Karen Elson, Azure Ray,
Sarah Harmer, Laura Marling, Orenda Fink, Tori Amos, and Sarah Slean

12 instrumental tracks from 11 movies:
The Chronicles of Narnia, Fairy Tale: A True Story, Finding Neverland, A Little Princess,
Little Women, Miss Potter, Peter Pan, Practical Magic, Pride and Prejudice,
The Secret Garden,and Amelie

Now, please tell me. who are your favorite musicians? What music inspires you and makes your heart tremble and dance?


  1. I love Tchaikovsky. Is it ridiculous? I have always loved him and I just cannot stop. The songs remind me of winter and my ballet classes.
    My first CD was "Best Of Simon & Garfunkel" and my favourites have barely changed since then. :D
    But a friend told me to listen to Johnny Flynn and now, I love him. And I like Slow Club and Hanne Hukkelberg, Erlend Øye, The Smiths...
    Right now, I am listening to Adam Green, who has an amazing talent and voice.

    P.S.: Every mix of yours is wonderful.

  2. I love your mixes! and your blog as well :)

    About music, I love everything that makes me breathe and that lets my soul stretch - songs full of air and spells: Fleet Foxes, Mark Lanegan, Joni Mitchell, Belle and Sebastian, Jaymay, etc. Even my "heavy" side is about "spacey" music: Kings of Leon, Smashing Pumpkins, Arctic Monekys, Melissa Auf der Maur... I kinda need to escape from reality or, better, find the magic hidden behind it (I was a very dreamy child)...

    I'm seriously thinking about joining 8tracks, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I love the "stories" playlist. I love movie scores, and you've got some of my favorites included. :)

  4. Ah, your mixes are wonderful! I have been considering creating an 8tracks account. It would probably be nice inspiration for different emotions and projects. You listen to a lot of the same artists that I love. More than any other kind of music, I love instrumental. You are right, music without words tells the most amazing stories. ♥

  5. Gosh! Thank you ever so much for listing me among your "treasures". I'm not sure I belong with such glittering jewels, but I'm delighted that you think so. Thank you, sweet and enchanting MJ. ♥

  6. sweetest mixes ever.
    p.s. your writing makes me weak at the knees.

  7. Oh wow your blog is amazing <3 Awesome mixes, I love Fleet Foxes and The Weepies! As for my personal favorite musicians: I'd have to say Stars, Pete Yorn, Rufus Wainright and Jeff Buckley...

    Love from France!

  8. This is such a beautifully designed blog. I love the integration of images and words.

    Janet Riehl

  9. Your stories mix, oh your stories mix! My eyes are welling up with tears, thank you so much for creating something so beautiful. xx

  10. You have such great taste in everything.

  11. I have listened to your "Stories" mix and I have to say it's lovely! I'll be on my way to listen to the other two as well :)

    Sadly I do not know many musicians, as I'm mostly inspired by instrumental songs from soundtracks and classical music... in which Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and Tchaikovsky make me soar high in the sky.

  12. I love that you have an instrumental mix. The Amelie soundtrack is fantastic and one of my favourite pieces of classics music is by a New Zealand composer called Douglas Lillburn called "Aotearoa" overture.

    I also love Sufjan, the newest Karen Elson, and Lykke Li. Great post! Thank you.

  13. Oo, I love 8tracks! I only just recently discovered it and I already spend way too much time listening to mixes on it. I love your "Stories" mix, too. There's something incredibly beautiful about instrumental music. While I generally listen to music with words when I'm just kicking around, it just seems wrong to not include a few lovely instrumental songs in a mix.

    Anyhow, my rambling aside. You have a really lovely blog! I actually found you because you liked one of my 8tracks mixes (Thanks! :D), so I'm glad you did. :D