Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a wonderful time during the new year celebrations. What did you all do?
I stayed in with SleepyBear and we cuddled while doing the countdown to 2010, then we watched Stardust and went to bed. It was quite nice and peaceful.
I even made some resolutions that I am very determined to keep as best I can.
  • less computer
  • more art making
  • more reading
  • more poetry and at least one short story
  • More email sending and responding. And answering in a timely fashion.
I should probably add the usual of being healthier and exercising and whatnot, but those I'm pretty certain I won't keep, so I won't set myself for failure. Plus, I don't really care. Why spend hours doing something that I hate?
Have you made any resolutions this year?
I've already well started on the reading and making art part. I've read lots of comics (Fables) a novel (The Book of Lost Things) and I am one third into another (A Map of the Known World), I have a goodreads. Do you have one? You can add me there if you want HERE
And I started a new series of drawings/collages.
I've made two so far :

I have to put this little series on hiatus for a week or so though, because I'm planning to make a little simple book for SleepyBear's birthday on the 11th, but I shall resume after that. The sketchbook in which I'm doing it has 15 pages and I am determined to fill them all.
Hope everyone is well.


  1. These girls are so pretty! I wish they were real so I could befriend them :) Happy new years! x

  2. Happy New Year!!!
    I'm glad you had a quiet and peaceful passing into 2010, sometimes it is the best way to celebrate de new year :)
    Lots of hugs, I miss you dearly!

    Jude xoxoxoxo

  3. I'm glad you made that second resolution; I'm pretty sure everyone wants to see more artmaking from you! ;) Have a great 2010, dear!

  4. good resolutions.. i need to do the same, but i get into college so i wont have a lot of time

    looovely draws

  5. Beautiful pictures as always.
    Sounds like a very nice New Years, I LOVE STARDUST! =]

  6. i love these drawings.
    and as far as book recommendations, i recommend the chronicles of narnia. never had i read any of the series & a friend gave it to me as a lovely christmas present & the stories are more magical and wonderful than i ever imagined.
    happy new year.

  7. Your blog is astonishingly beautiful. Good luck with your wonderful resolutions! x

  8. the drawing with the girl in the mountains is SO me. you are very talented!

  9. I love your drawings! <3

  10. The first girl is lovely. I wonder what is she called? I wonder does she sing? I like the birds in the second drawing.