Part 3, paper stitch, and polaroids, Oh My!

I finished my little series today. I am quite happy with how the whole thing came out. It was fun and stress-free to do and I enjoyed it immensely.




I also scanned some little stitching I did on paper a couple months back...

I love the stars and looking up at constellations. Making up stories and pictures. I love thinking about the infinity of space and the immensity that surrounds us. I think my next project shall involve the stars and the moon and the planets.
To look down on us. To shine over us. Maybe to swallow us. Us, floating in the belly of the universe.

And finally, two new Polaroids. I think green is becoming a theme in my Polaroids. I like it. I think it's evident that I like working in series and themes. Well, the Summer has just begun, I predict many more to be added.
I just want to crawl inside of them and surround myself with the greenness and the shade and the streaks of sunlight. I want to lie there and drink in the smell and sounds and the rustling of the leaves.

Well, good night :)


  1. I am super jealous of your paper-collage/drawing skills! You seem to amaze me every time.
    Those polaroids are stunning as well.
    Have a dashing day darling!

  2. Oh my word you are actually so talented! It's amazing!
    I think the tea pot one is my favourite but it's hard to decide because they are all amazing. Wow.

  3. I love how creative you are. The collage/mixed media thing going on is really whimsical and wonderful without being too twee.

  4. I'm loving these collages, so creative.

  5. oh! your work is amazing! just wonderful, delightful charming.