An artistic Thursday

So today I started making art again. At first I was all excited and full of ideas of big projects. Fortunately I know myself pretty well and knew that if I started on something big right away I would become frustrated really fast and would stop everything.
so I decided to start a project of 9 collages, all simple and cute and fun to do just to get back in the mood of things.
Here are the fist three that I did today.
(Note: The background paper should be more yellowish than what you see now, making the white of the lined paper stand out a little bit more. Stupid scanner.)
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Also, I (finally) understood the best way to use my Polaroid camera to have the best results (after many botched pictures). These are the ones I took in the past two weeks and are my bests so far. I really really like them, especially since I am so obsessed with green these days :)

And lastly. Rest in Peace Mr. Jackson. Rest in Peace.


  1. Waaah, I was so shocked when I heard MJ died, he's such an icon - I figured he'd live forever!

    These collages are truly exquisite. You're a very talented girl!

  2. your collages are so pretty! are you going to sell them on your etsy? i'd love to have one :)
    and as regards michael jackson, that was such a shocker...i can't add much more than what heleen db said in her comment above...but im sure his legacy will move on.

  3. I love the sail away one. =]

  4. You take the most beautiful Polaroids! I was hoping to get one, but they're not making them anymore! :(

    Anyway, you're collages are so whimsical and the mixture of mediums is wonderful.

  5. love your collages:)and, i agree with the others, MJ will live forever.