Book of Ships

Last Christmas I made a little book/journal for my boyfriend. I had never done anything like it before. I loved it!
I never thought of journaling before, because I don't find writing down my emotions satisfying enough. It doesn't work for me. I found that making little "books" though, works.
So I started a little project. I called it the "Book of Ships". It was made to deal with my overwhelming longing for things I do not have right now.
I like working with themes/ideas/concepts. I don't know why. Anybody else is like that?

Anyway, here it is:

In progress...I always work on my bed :)

So. I do not know how to bind thing together (yet), so I decided to make an envelope to hold the pages of my book...

So there. I hope you liked it!
You can see my previous post (the Boyfriend book) HERE


  1. wow this is such an amazing gift, you're boyfriend is spoiled.

    you have a very nice aesthetic.

  2. this is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! you are very talented :)

    i love your writing!!!


  3. That is just amazing!!! What a perfect gift!

  4. These are so darling!
    I love the small happy details in them.

    Hope you are well, dear!

  5. Oh my, you're soo talented.
    These were amazing!
    Keep going:):)

  6. Thank you so much the sweet comment. I have missed the blogging world so much! I have just been reading all your lovely posts I missed over these past few weeks.

    This book is quite darling and the art is beautiful.

    Oh and on a side note . . .

    I must admit that I am quite obsessed with antique keys now and would like to thank you and your blog for such inspiration.

    Hope you are well!



  7. Wow, what a fabulous gift idea! I love the illustrations! Lots of talent you have =)

  8. Beautiful! You're so talented!

    What medium did you use?

  9. ah, beauty-filled. lovely work! I especially love humpback whales, so am an avid fan of your pastel of it...w/ the ship...floating...

  10. i absolutely love everything about this post/craft/idea...brilliant! i'm in love...

  11. this, is great. if you don't mind i'm going to feature it in my blog sometime soon.

  12. waow !! this is so grat !! you're so talented !!

  13. You have the most amazing calligraphy/handwriting. I love your art, too. How every talented you are.

  14. Wow! These pictures are gorgeous. I've always loved those kind of ship pictures, I used to want a tattoo of an ancient greek ship from Homer's stories. Actually, I sort of still do.